Linterna Mágica Survey

Dear users,

Since the birth of Linterna Mágica out of the frustration with proprietary software needed to watch videos online, 28 months of heavy development had passed. In this period 6 major and 19 bug-fix releases came to existence (25 in total), 21 (of 22) tasks were completed, 58 bug reports were submitted (42 fixed, 7 considered invalid, 4 refused, 5 in progress). One bug report lead to a new project - Lithionite).

Download statistics ( < 0.0.9-7; ≥ 0.0.9-7: 2011, 2012 2013) show that there are usually between 150 and 600 downloads per release and rising. A simple method to distinguish robots and crawler suggests that all downloads should be accepted as real.

So far, Linterna Mágica was able to meet its sole purpose - to bring enjoyment and satisfaction of watching and listening clips online with free software. In fact the assumption is it did that quite well. Now, to determine the future and the right direction of development of the project, there are few questions that need answers. Because of that, this survey is being conducted. It is absolutely anonymous. In addition to the answers you will provide, only your browser type and operating system will be saved from the headers of the HTTP request. No other valuable information will be saved. The results are available while the survey is still in progress.

You are encouraged to be part of the survey, because your answers will provide valuable information about the project. It is recommended to enable cookies and JavaScript in your browser if you have disabled them. The survey will run without JavaScript and cookies, but they will ensure the smoothest transition back and forth to the main Linterna Mágica website. If they are disabled, it might cause you some inconvenience. If you don't want to answer the questions, only your refusal, browser type and operating system will be saved as an answer for statistical purposes.

A protection against spammers and robots is implemented that requires the anti-spam field at the bottom to be filled, in order to proceed to the questions, results and even to not participate in the survey.